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Biofit is an ownership entity of giving services through supplying goods on due time.

BMT has been working since 2019 to till now with the quality service. We are having been working in the online platform since 2019 to post lockdown era. But now are in the field of physical platform where quality guaranteed from the depth of their demands. During the journey of BMT you will get an idea of relentless service.

Our Mission & Vision:

To become the Countries preferred quality goods supplier. Applying the insight, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society.

Ideas for Quality Services

Message of Chairman:

I would like to express my core values that represents the Biofit, promised to bring the quality services in the marketing and trading sector of Bangladesh. From its inception to till now we are experiencing the customer’s feedback more than 05 years. The dream I have seen in 1992 is still has its continuity.
We have started this journey conceptually to stay beside the people of Bangladesh in healthcare sector by serving different healthcare products that has highest demand. But unfortunately, this sector is surrounded by different non-technical suppliers and traders which makes it profit oriented sector in spite of Service. Health and Hygiene are the opposite of a coin which ignored since this country started its journey.


Your Trusted Source for Medical Excellence and Innovation

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Non-Pharmaceutical
  • Surgical
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Empowering Accurate Diagnoses through Cutting-edge Tools

  • Bloodline
  • Instruments


Elevating Healthcare Hygiene for Safer Tomorrows

  • Hospicare
  • Personal Care
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Capacity Building

Crafting Inspiring Spaces that Foster Healing and Progress

  • Site development (Electrical, Non-civil and Furnishing etc.)
  • Site renovation (Electrical, Non-civil and Furnishing etc.)
  • Interior


Enabling Pharma Excellence: Ingredients, Equipment, Expertise

  • Pharmaceutical API
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Pharmaceutical Machineries
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Fueling Success: Strategy, Model, and Growth in Synergy

  • Company marketing strategy developer
  • Business modeling
  • Growth hacking & Planning


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